Barbara has been providing counseling and management solutions to individuals,
couples and organizations for a decade.

She specializes in relationships and behavioral counseling so offer executives, families, couples and individuals a calm environment where personal and relationship difficulties can be explored.  Barbara has been counseling individual clients since 2001, and her unique, holistic STEP approach integrates the spiritual, thinking, emotional and physical aspects of being.  She uses integrative psychotherapy, tailoring to each client by applying theories and techniques of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, client-centered, reality therapy and emotionally-focused therapy for couples and individuals.

Clients can achieve high levels of self-confidence, self-love and respect.  Life-long, blocking beliefs are identified and eliminated.  Clients then quickly overcome anxiety, depression, anger problems, the constant craving for food; sex; love; and other addictive behaviors.