Ms. Barbara Kiao is an Australian licensed clinical counselor, published author, integrative life coach and inspirational speaker. She has been providing counseling and life coaching to individuals, couples, and organizations for more than a decade. Barbara is a sought-after speaker who regularly conducts workshops and lectures globally. An Australian national for 24 years, Barbara currently resides in Shanghai, China, where she has her own private practice working closely with the international community and returned overseas Chinese nationals. She has also been serving on the board of SIMHA “ Shanghai International Mental Health Association for the past 6 years.

Her Mission is to be fully present in the NOW so to engage, serve and empower every client that is attracted into her life to live their fullest potential.  Together they push humanity forward by standing in their own truth.

  • Australian Licensed Clinical Counselor: MACA 9601
  • Published Author
  • Accredited administrator for Hogan Assessment Inventories
  • Accredited administrator for M.B.T.I. Myers-Briggs Indicator Instrument
  • Board Member of SIMHA  Shanghai International Mental Health Association
  • Attending Doctorate of Psychology program, The Professional School of Psychology, U.S.A.
  • Bachelor of Science Psychology, Charles Sturt University,  Australia
  • Diploma in Counseling, Harcourt Professional Learning,  Australia
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts (Hospitality & Tourism Management),  Ryerson Polytechnic University,  Canada.

Barbara has been providing counseling and management solutions to individuals, couples and organizations for a decade.

She specializes in relationships and behavioral counseling so offer executives, families, couples and individuals a calm environment where personal and relationship difficulties can be explored.

Prior to becoming a full-time counselor, she also assisted hotel owners in development of marketing plans and business strategies for new and existing properties.  She was a Student Counselor and an adjunct Lecturer at the T.A.F.E. College (Australia) and Northern Territory University in the field of Human Relations, Organizational Behavior, Communications and Marketing, Management.

Barbara has been counseling individual clients since 2001, and her unique, holistic STEP approach integrates the spiritual, thinking, emotional and physical aspects of being.

She uses integrative psychotherapy, tailoring to each client by applying theories and techniques of psychoanalytic / psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, client-centered, reality therapy and emotionally-focused therapy.

Barbara has extensive national and international experience in cross-cultural counseling, customer service, and business development. Throughout her career, she has always concentrated on the human innovation facet of successful living; helping individuals, and executives alike to be independent, intimate partners, and nurturing parents in order to be successful executives and citizens.

Barbara has designed training programs and conducted training throughout the Asia Pacific Rim, specializing in the provision of organizational behavior, executive coaching, sales and marketing training, customer service, and total quality management.

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