Feb 1

Inspire to Grow

Dear Light Workers,

The year of the Rooster will soon be behind us and the Lunar New Year of the Dog is only about two weeks away.


This month I would like to share with you what has been inspiring me. Most of my friends know that I am a big fan of Roger Federer (he’s now ranked number 2 tennis player in the world.) So it is no surprise that I was glued to the TV during the Australian Open. A few days ago Roger played in the final of the AO and won his 20th Grand Slamtitle.

Roger Federer was in tears when he made his thank you speech after winning the Man’s Single Championship title for the 6th time in Australia. You must be asking by now why am I so inspired by his win, and this is why …

He has been playing tennis for a long time and as we all know in our culture (particularly in the sports culture) you are considered “old” if you are in your mid-thirties. He’s the first man in professional tennis that has won 20 Grand Slam titles, he’s not just broken his own record but in man’s tennis. I am inspired not only because of his personal achievements and is how he has developed as a man.

In his younger years his short temperament got the better of him and it was only until he decided to listen to his coach/mentor to change his attitude and vow to become a polite and gracious person. This is what he said to a reporter some years ago: “… It’s enough! I can’t stand it watching me throw rackets and embarrass myself in front of thousands of people in a live stadium. So I tried to change, I had quite a transformation from a screaming racket throwing, swearing kind of brat on the tennis court to this calm guy you know today.”

He is one of the most respected sportsperson in the world today and I share this with you because I believe that we are not voyeurs in the world but that when we get inspired by someone we are also awaken to do the work of our own transformation.

“You will not grow if you are not willing to change yourself” – Roger Federer –

Make a commitment to yourself to be your own inspiration and transform your life. Have a great loving February (Valentine’s Day) and Lunar Year of the Dog.

Carpe Diem! Barbara’18]


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