Be Thankful for the People Who Have Crossed Your Path

Dear Light Workers,

We are in the month of the U.S.Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October) and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those people that came into my life and for whatever reason left. I often look back in my life, everyone who I’ve met, whether it was an intimate relationship, a long time friendship, a stranger, and yes even an ex….has had a spiritual purpose in my life. What can I say? It is just part of my spiritual practice!

So in this Thanksgiving month, I wish to write about “how to” be thankful for the people who have crossed your path…

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Just yesterday, a friend WeChated me that a childhood friend had ended their relationship. I felt sad because I know her childhood friend as well and it is simply a case of not willing to see the other person’s point of view and her friend called it quits. So, do you have people who are in your life right now driving you crazy or those who are bringing out the best in you? This is the beginning of a sentimental two months for me, November and December always bring out the softer side of me.Therefore, I have been spending time thinking of everyone who has influenced my life….and our paths have crossed for a reason. Now if you’re pissed at the person, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what that reason is…but spend sometime away from them, take time to centre yourself, and then re-visit…believe me you’ll find it. But holding on to anger for ANY person is just hurting yourself. Easier said than done, I know. That’s what I’ve been helping my clients to do just that and when they do, it all made sense.




I often say, “Maybe that person came into your life to teach you something about yourself. Maybe to make you understand that you have to set boundaries….maybe to teach you that if they say hurtful things, that you need to remember how amazing your spirit truly is and to not let anyone take that away from you no matter what. Maybe they came into your life to make you look in a mirror and force you to see your beauty…maybe to remind you to play the music you still have inside you….maybe to inspire you in a variety of ways that you’ve never thought of till you had met them….maybe just to remind you to be silly, laugh and to not take yourself so seriously! Maybe you didn’t feel such a shift in your life when crossing paths with someone, but maybe it was for you to have and impact on them that time and you’ll never even know what it is unless they tell you. Whatever the reason,there is always a reason….whether it was for “a reason, season or lifetime.”Whatever the amount of time and whoever they were, I encourage you to reflect back and find that reason, and make peace with that person in your mind. All relationships are spiritual on some level…that’s how I look at in my life!

Let me end with this beautiful quote … ”

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”

-Paulo Coelho

Carpe Diem! Barbara’17]



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