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Dear Light Workers,

I’m sure this blog finds you all well and that you’ve had a great Dragon Boat Festival.

I am sure some of you are ready to plunge into Summer and take a vacation overseas or going back home for Summer. If this is the case for you, I wish you and your loved ones a safe trip home and enjoy your Summer. For the rest of us who are staying put in Shanghai, I also wish you a wonderful hot Summer ahead.


So what’s been happening? For the past two weeks I have been attending a Spiritual Psychology Summit online and I would like to share with you some of the highlights of the many different teachings of scientists, psychologists and spiritual leaders:


  • In the mist of your deepest depression, the Law of Universe is written and promises you that you will rise again (the Phoenix will rise again!)

  • When you go to extreme anger you will go to extreme exhaustion; when you go to extreme despair your whole entire body will work to get you to extreme light; again, that’s how nature works with your own nature. The nature of balance, just like the Tao.

  • The importance is that you need to understand the Grace of endurance exist; you need to understand the Grace of integrity, you must become integrous because you cannot work, live in health without integrous.

  • Mindfulness is stay in the awareness without judgement.

  • The world is a large mental institution we have been living in agreement with insanity; now we have to make new agreement with sanity.

  • Joy is the result of choosing joy!

  • Transformation is an inside job, it’s the choice we make rather than the condition we step into.

  •  We are not alone in this world, something more powerful than us will help and guide us along the way, it’s called Grace!

  •  Understand that life is on a spectrum of possibility.

  •  True Power is a state of internal being.

  •  Recognising that I rather be not afraid but since I feel afraid let us meet that “fear” head on.

  •  Often times is the reaction to fear; is the fear of fear that’s so frightening.


I hope you’ll enjoy the above teachings and let me end by quoting Einstein …


“Separation’s the optical delusion”

–  Albert Einstein –




Until next time, feel free to come over to my website: www.barbarakiao.com and give me your feedback; I would love to hear from you.


Namaste! Barbara’17]


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