TCK(Third Culture Kid)II

Dear Light Workers,

Last month I promised I am to continue in sharing TCK’s (Third Culture Kid’s) unique culture, so, I shall pick up where I left off.  For readers who missed last month’s article, I recommend that you go back to the archive and read my August article first before you continue …

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Sharing From A Summit

Dear Light Workers,

I’m sure this blog finds you all well and that you’ve had a great Dragon Boat Festival.

I am sure some of you are ready to plunge into Summer and take a vacation overseas or going back home for Summer. If this is the case for you, I wish you and your loved ones a safe trip home and enjoy your Summer. For the rest of us who are staying put in Shanghai, I also wish you a wonderful hot Summer ahead.

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codependence III

My Dear Light Workers,

I have been talking about the disease of codependence on my last two blogs and today I am going to wrap up this topic by recommending ways to stop this dysfunctional cycle of shame blame and self-abuse.


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Codependence II

Dear Light Workers,

To those who celebrated the Year of the Rooster, I’m sure you all had a great Lunar New Year break.  As promised, today I am continuing to explain why codependence is vicious, because it causes us to hate and abuse ourselves.  Often, we were taught at a young age to judge and shame ourselves for being human.  At the core of our relationship with ourselves is the feeling that we are somehow not worthy and not lovable.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my dears!

Another year will soon be over and it seems to me each year goes by faster than the one before. I would not credit that to my chronological age because my philosophy on “age” is quite unconventional and maybe one of these days I’ll share with my readers. For now, I’d like to focus on what this festive season mean to me.

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140505 succulents

Understand How You Communicate & Behave

University of Houston research professor and author Brene Brown describes blame as the discharge of pain and discomfort.  We already know what happens when we’re uncomfortable in our bodies. There are many physical strategies we use to change how our bodies feel.  Blame is a mental strategy that allows us to alleviate our discomfort along with any responsibility.

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