The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Dear light workers,

I wish to write about the result of the recent U.S. presidential election not because I am interested in politics, quite the contrary. Heck, I am not even an American, however, I feel compelled to express my views here because I believe that we all have a duty and responsibility to bring more light and healing into this world.

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Understand How You Communicate & Behave

University of Houston research professor and author Brene Brown describes blame as the discharge of pain and discomfort.  We already know what happens when we’re uncomfortable in our bodies. There are many physical strategies we use to change how our bodies feel.  Blame is a mental strategy that allows us to alleviate our discomfort along with any responsibility.

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Holy Divorce by Barbara Kiao, L.C.C.

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Treasure had it all—a husband who loved her, two beautiful “bonus” children, a successful small business, rewarding volunteer work, and the icing on the cake, a glamorous life that took her all over the world.

But on a fateful Monday morning in 2009, her world turned upside down. She discovered that her loving husband … loved only his secret life. She learned that for the past twenty-four years her marriage was a lie.

Wounded and betrayed, Treasure fought to fi nd the strength to start over. From her darkest hours, she summoned the courage to look within and start the journey of transformation her soul craved. Her insufferable pain propelled her to a new life as an empowered woman living her authentic life by assuming full responsibility, practicing self-love and forgiveness. Most of all embracing a massive paradigm shift from victim to victor.

Holy Divorce: A Mindful and Spiritual Act of Self-Love is a diverse self-help handbook and novel inspired by licensed clinical counselor Barbara Kiao’s personal and professional work with her clients. She shares healthy ways to face your own fears, reach your highest self-understanding and fulfilment of your authentic self—and create true love and happiness.

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